Feldenkrais®International Training Program Milano8

Milan, Italy december 2019 – July 2023

Accredited by the EuroTAB and AIIMF

Educational director Mara Della Pergola Feldenkrais Trainer

Educational director Mara Della Pergola is one of the most experienced practitioners in Europe. She has been involved with the practice and development of the Method for more than 30 years, having studied directly with M. Feldenkrais in Amherst since 1980. Since 1988 she has been working in trainings in Italy, as well as in several other European Countries, USA, Mexico and Colombia. She is known for the clarity, the creativity and the accessibility of her teaching. Mara directs the Istituto di Formazione Feldenkrais in Milano. Her background is in the psycho-social field and theatre.

The faculty includes many highly qualified, inspiring leaders in the Feldenkrais field. Many of them have studied with Moshe Feldenkrais and have different backgrounds and teaching styles. A number of Assistant Trainers, proportional to the students enrolled, will be present. The program will be conducted in English and Italian with translation.

The Training will run in segments of 40 working days per year over a period of 3 and a half years, for a total of 160 days.

First year 2019 – 2020

I session: December 6-10 2019 – 5 days

II session: February 7-12 2020 – 6 days

III session: April 17-23 – 7 days

IV session: July 1-20 – 16 days

V session: September 4-9 – 6 days

Second year 2020 – 2021

I session: October 24 – November 1 2020 – 8 days

II session: January 30 – February 7 2021 – 8 days

III session: April 24 –  May 2 maggio – 8 days

IV session: June 26 – July 14 – 16 days

Third year 2021 – 2022

I session: October 30 – November 7 2021 – 8 days

II session: December 4 – 8 – 5 days

III session: January 29 – February 3 2022 – 6 days

IV session: April 23 – 28 – 6 days

V session: July 1 – 19 15 days

Fourth year 2022- 2023

I session: October 29 – November 6 2022 – 8 days

II session: January 28 – February 5 2023 – 8 days

III session: April 22 – May 1 – 9 days

IV session: July 1 – 19 – 15 days

 During the third year of training, students are allowed to teach ATM to groups for their own learning. Graduates of the training are qualified to become practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method, recognized by any Feldenkrais Organization in the World. The training program is conducted in English and Italian with translation.

Summer segments take place in Asiago, a beautiful mountain resort near Venice. It is a great sport area, where it is possible to practice tennis, horse riding, swimming in lakes, trekking, and to be near some of the most beautiful cities in Italy: Venice, Verona and its Arena, Padova, Vicenza.

The Organization will supply all the necessary information for housing arrangements

Annual Tuition is € 3550,00

To apply, please send to Istituto di Formazione Feldenkrais

  • the application form
  • your curriculum vitae
  • motivations for following the Course
  • your experience with the Method
  • a recent picture
  • a self-certification of health (no selection on the basis of health status)

Upon approval of your application, € 500,00 will be required as a deposit to Istituto di Formazione Feldenkrais

IBAN IT18G0306909400100000010264 Banca Intesa San Paolo, via G. Verdi 8 Milano

Training program are subject to cancellation as result of insufficient enrollment, teacher and/or location availability. In case of instructor and/or location change, applicants will be notified 30 days in advance.

For further information contact us at info@istitutofeldenkrais.it